27 July 2012

I was on the plane today, heading for Oslo and a weekend of festivals, the first one called Trollrock and the second Sommerfesten which I attended last year. I can’t fathom how quickly time has moved. It’s been a whole year since we hung out on Giske and had fun with all of our great friends. This time though the trip is not a solo affair. This year the rest of the band are here too. We just spent a week in New York in a room bashing song ideas into shape. I think we have a record. Some lyrics need completing and a few middle 8’s but it’s pretty much there so it’s good to be coming here so soon after.


We all met at Oslo airport and got in a little transit van driving for 3 or so hours through some beautiful scenery, sun setting slowly over mountains, reflecting on fjord. I listened to Scott Walker – Scott 2 and reviewed the new Travis songs recorded on a single mic in the room we were in. They sound great. Dougie has written a couple of gems and Andy too. We are planning to return to Giske in October to record the as yet untitled 7th album. More about that later.

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41 Responses to “NORWAY”

  1. Maria Jose says:

    Great to meet you finally! your voice is incredible, and yes I’m from Chile, very far from you, but your songs are all over the world!!! so i’ll ve waiting for more great songs!!

  2. Gordon says:

    Hello Travis,
    So, so, glad that you guys are back!
    Hope to see you in San Francisco.

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks for the infos. Sounds great. Nice picture, very atmospheric!

    Greetings from Cologne, Germany


  4. ryan says:

    Hope you guys have a great time in Norway! post some more pictures if you can. Can’t wait for album number 7, any ideas for an artwork?

  5. Darío says:

    The only thing I can say now is … GREAT NEWS.
    So happy you’re still doing it … THANKS!

  6. Victor says:

    ALL This Sounds great! Its also great to hear you guys enjoying yourselves in Oslo! Im really excited to hear some more Travis – Yesss! Hope to be able to see (hear) you guys soon, take care.

    from one of your biggest fans,
    Victor (keeping in the faith)

  7. david says:

    fantastic news!!

  8. Irine says:

    Oh my God!!! exciting news, at last!!! (listening to R.E.M. – Sing For The Submarine + bumping into this post = I’ll never forget this day!)

  9. Erik says:

    Sooo good to hear about the new album!

    I’d also like to thank you and the boys for the Trollrock-performance. I drove for avout 9 hours from Sweden and spent the whole day at the festival waiting to see you. It was my first time and I’m more than satisfied, thank you!!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Yay, I’m glad 🙂

  11. Nikki says:

    This has made my day!! 😀

  12. Kalle says:

    Amazing concert at the Giske festival. Really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the new record:)

  13. Mélanie says:

    BEST news of the day!! I’m so excited, can’t wait to hear the new songs! Have fun while recording guys

  14. Tanya says:

    Awww so excited to hear new Travis songs again soon! I miss you guys! <3

  15. Kevin says:

    I cannot wait for a new album and hopefully a tour to Vancouver …please

  16. Ranajeet says:

    Firstly, a very happy birthday to you (belatedly). This is massive great news that you are giving us. It has been 4 long years( I know Wreckorder released in between). I am devoted to Colder and since Dougie has written that, I am devoted to his writing. You aren’t half bad either eh? 🙂 Hope you will announce the release dates soon enough. And will the artwork be from Norway too? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  17. Simone says:

    Novas musicas do Travis, novo álbum, e quem sabe show no Rio de Janeiro-Brasil!
    Amo todos vocês!!!

  18. cakecowla says:

    I can’t wait!!!
    It’s so exciting to heard the news about your 7th album!
    I felt sad that you can’t come back to Taiwan last year…
    We all hope to see you(guys) again!
    Wish you have great time in new album’s production!!!
    Thank you, Travis!

  19. pcg says:

    We just spent a week in New York in a room bashing song ideas into shape. I think we have a record. Some lyrics need completing and a few middle 8′s but it’s pretty much there so it’s good to be coming here so soon after.

    Absolutely brilliant. Can’t wait to hear them!

  20. katie says:

    Here I am, witnessing another beautiful post by Fran, and feeling like I am reading a novel, where the main character intertwines facts of his life with beautiful descriptions of amazing sceneries… you could easily be a novelist 🙂

    So yes, I loved Norway’s description, but my favorite sentence was definitely “I think we have a record” :)Counting down the days…

  21. giannis says:

    cool,iam waiting for the new album fran:) greating from athens-greece.this days i hearded old songs from travis in my vacation and i remebered when i was 17 and then first time then,1997 ,i hearded album good fealings and i was then in my country house beside the sea.happy moment:) i love travis 15 years:)

  22. Nora says:

    Cool. Wasn’t in touch with Travis for a long time now.
    Looking forward to this new album. Hopefully no hard-to-get-b-sides tho….

  23. Ana says:

    That’s great to hear, Fran! It’s been too long…
    I’m going to be working in Europe for seven months and I wish nothing but to see Travis on stage while I’m there. You have until April, 2013 to get it done 😛
    Happy recording!

  24. Gudrun says:

    I just came home from Norway 2 weeks ago – I just LOVE that country!

  25. Adam says:

    I hadn’t checked in for a while and to find out that a new record is on the way, I am stoked! Travis records are timeless and I’m sure the new one will be great.

  26. Debbie (deebee) says:

    Can’t wait to hear your new “babies” x

  27. Dyannah says:

    7th album!! Great news! I miss Travis .. Mexican fan over here waiting to hear another album of this excellent band one more time… Could you please visit Mexico again? 🙂

  28. ayu says:

    Great great great!
    Can’t wait for the as yet untitled 7th album.
    and,oh,I wish I can listen to travis’ live sound in Japan…
    Anyway,I’ll be always cheering you from Tokyo!

    Wish all of you the very best

    (sorry for my poor English. I’ll study it more to express my feelings for the music of TRAVIS better in English!)

  29. Tasheena says:

    YAY for the new record! Any thoughts on when it might be released?

  30. TD says:

    I am anxious to hear the new Travis album. Can’t believe Ode to J. Smith came out in 2008! Please update your Travis Facebook page. It’s hard to keep up with you guys and it makes me forget about you.

  31. Amy says:

    NEW ALBUM?????? i’m so excited. should we be expecting a sneak peek of a single anytime soon? or within the year? 🙂 glad to hear you’re all having a good time too, even if this entry is a month or so past!!

  32. John Beasley says:

    Great news Fran! We are so very excited for the new Travis album! Thanks for the post and the update, we hope you and your family are well. We look forward to seeing you guys again soon – please come back to Kansas when you tour next!

    Love and all the best,
    John Beasley – Son of Jim the Cowboy 🙂

  33. Stephy Lu says:

    Remember you canceled the solo tour to TAIWAN last year because of the earthquake in Japan? Now that the re-constructions are all carried out(well at least pretty much of them looked ongoing), when will you visit here AGAIN haha!?

  34. Sue says:

    ‘Giske in October’ sounds like the name of the album ! 😉

  35. carla says:

    Fran! How’s the untitled 7th album going?

  36. meli says:

    Hello! Fran … I don’t speak English because I’m from Perú. Well… Fran you are a genius!, your music is special to me!.

  37. Magno Neiva says:

    Hello Fran, I was trying to see if could see your e-mail because of a important thing: I wrote a book in portuguese and in one of the chapters the characters find themselves hearing “Writing to reach you”, so i wanted to ask you if you don’t mind that i used a litle bit of youre art work to make the moment more special? The book had a green light from a small publisher to be edited and i hope it manages to achieve 3000 copies so it would go on to a bigger publisher and translated to english, and if that would be the case i would like to send to all of the band a copy. If not, i can always send you a portuguese copy. Hope you answer! Kind Regards, Magno Alexandre Neiva

  38. Yamilka says:

    I can’t wait!

  39. Travis23 says:

    POLAND!! Please Come *_*

  40. new says:

    love you forever. I’m a girl 19 years old in Thailand. I like your songs very much.

  41. Lasse says:

    From Lasse.
    Yes, great songs. Coming to Denmark?

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