29 March 2014


We arrived in Tokyo by Bullet Train yesterday. Claes and I made a pilgrimage to the famous Five G Synth Store in Harajuku. I wanted to buy something but the guy there was not so helpful. Maybe it was the beard… In any case we wandered around, stopping off at Kiddy Lando before hailing a Tokyo Cab back to the hotel.
Tokyo is a powerhaus of a city. We have been coming here for many years now… Our first trip over here was I think in 2000… It was pre 911 definitely. God 911 was such a huge pivotal global moment… I just watched a film called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which centres on a young boy’s journey to come to terms with the loss of his dad who died in one of the buildings. Travis played in NY a couple of months later. It was a night I will never forget and still to this day, people I meet who attended that show talk of it not like you talk about most shows… Radio City that night was full of New Yorkers who hadn’t been out since it happened, and for me, the feeling was unlike anything I ever felt or have felt since. Being the singer, alot of the focus is on you, so you generally get quite a rush when doing shows from all of the happiness pointing at you but that night I felt this massive, glacial, invisible release of sadness from the room mixed in with this positive thing music and singing does and it was such a mindbending experience for everyone there. The city felt like a gigantic PAUSE button had been pressed. It took ages for this to pass.
Anyways I digress. God I haven’t slept since 1am. Jet lag has whacked me once again. I will try an hour before we leave for the show.

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3 Responses to “Bullet”

  1. Hiromi says:

    Thank you for the amazing show tonight! Loved you played many old songs! Travis forever!

  2. Tammy says:

    Hi, Franny
    Thank you for your kindness. I’m gonna cry…
    sometimes, I feel .

    anyway,you came to Japan in 1999(It’s not 2000).

    Tonight’s show was so great.
    I wanna hear some covers or “safe”,”Walking in the sun”,”PARALLEL LINES”…
    Would you play???

    sleep well,and see you tomorrow.

  3. James says:

    No amp song, huge beard and moribund audience were all things I was not expecting of my first Travis gig. Kudos for the first, and second (mr Christmas) and speaking as an honorary Japanese after 25 years here, sorry for the third. I don’t know why…
    I had a ball and immediately went to the nearest karaoke and sang sing, em you know what I mean.

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