Peaches and Gladly

7 April 2014

This news shook me. To lose your kid so young and for her kids to lose their mum so young and for the kids dad to lose his wife and reading about Paula Yates again and the loss her kids must have felt when she died… god!!

Later today I found out on twitter an old time Travis boardie, Gladlythecrosseyedbear collapsed and died at work today. He was 42 I think. Damn shame. Prayers in your direction Gladly.





1 April 2014

I was in Tokyo last night. I am home now. Awake. It’s nice to be back. Berlin is still tonight/this morning. No wind. No noise. Just the ringing in my ears from our shows in Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo which were fab. Now it’s time to write. We have given ourselves a deadline of July. Work has already started. Trying to find first gear was hard. Always. Just before we left last week I found it. Finding first gear is always awful. It’s not so nice when all the melodies that come out are shit but it’s the only way. Sit down and do it. Or not do it. Read something. Watch a movie. Look out of the window. Listen to the radio. My new room is cool. I moved in at the end of January. I have my piano finally (it was at Nigel’s studio since we came to Berlin) and a place I can make noise without being heard. At least I think I can’t be heard. We went to LA just after this so I didn’t get a good run at it. Then there were afew other distractions. Then Clay turned 8. Was a cool birthday. Our lovely boy. His drawings are brilliant. Look!


photo 5

photo 3 (1)

photo 3 (2)

photo 5 (1)


He has a really sure line. No rulers! Anyways… it’s amazing to see his abilities emerge. Parenthood is a cool trip!



Wish me luck in my room. I will write here from time to time.