1 April 2014

I was in Tokyo last night. I am home now. Awake. It’s nice to be back. Berlin is still tonight/this morning. No wind. No noise. Just the ringing in my ears from our shows in Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo which were fab. Now it’s time to write. We have given ourselves a deadline of July. Work has already started. Trying to find first gear was hard. Always. Just before we left last week I found it. Finding first gear is always awful. It’s not so nice when all the melodies that come out are shit but it’s the only way. Sit down and do it. Or not do it. Read something. Watch a movie. Look out of the window. Listen to the radio. My new room is cool. I moved in at the end of January. I have my piano finally (it was at Nigel’s studio since we came to Berlin) and a place I can make noise without being heard. At least I think I can’t be heard. We went to LA just after this so I didn’t get a good run at it. Then there were afew other distractions. Then Clay turned 8. Was a cool birthday. Our lovely boy. His drawings are brilliant. Look!


photo 5

photo 3 (1)

photo 3 (2)

photo 5 (1)


He has a really sure line. No rulers! Anyways… it’s amazing to see his abilities emerge. Parenthood is a cool trip!



Wish me luck in my room. I will write here from time to time.



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22 Responses to “Landing”

  1. Karla Gladstone says:

    Wishing you the best of luck! I’m happy to hear about the successful tour. I only wish I could have caught you all in the states. Maybe next time! Sending creative vibes to your new unencumbered space.

    Parenthood is a grand adventure. It’s amazing Clay is now eight. Wow. Time flies and it’s my daily/momentary wish that I appreciate the time I have with my little ones/loved ones.


  2. AlexP says:

    good luck, fran!! 🙂

  3. 7hrs Apart says:

    Hey Fran
    Been a long time since I got in touch. I’m 7 hrs apart.
    I believe you should still remember me, not because I think I’m different or unforgettable but because you are one I believe who don’t forget people. You are a special person.
    We have all grown older since I last saw you.
    Many things happened along the way.
    Don’t know where to start telling.
    Just wanna let you know I sometimes still peek into travisonline
    I still sing Travis and listen Travis
    It’s amazing sometimes, those memories of old
    Thinking of them sometimes makes me wonder if those really did happen.
    I was brave back then, lost some courage as I grew older.
    I’m happy now, God is kind to me
    I have my own place now, bought an apartment last year and moved in on 1-April 2013, it’s been exactly a year since I have a home of my own. I don’t know how to post photo here, or I’ll like to post some of my home photo for you to see. My humble home.

    Fran I still hope to see Travis one day…
    Find back my courage and feel like I felt before.
    Amazing you all are. Special

    Please take care, you yourself, your love ones Nora and Clay.
    Hope your mum is well too.

    Ps) I still have a shirt which I got for you several years back, no have a chance to pass you…

  4. Julietravisaddict says:

    Hi Fran! Nice to read you back with such good news!
    And I wish I could draw like Clay!

    I was wondering: can the fact of adding an unusual instrument really bring new inspiration in your tunes and the way you play? I have just bought a bass VI and as it’s not really a guitar nor a bass, it brings me to some unknown terriroty, it’s funny!


  5. 00 says:

    wow.. He’s an artist! I’ll keep my finger crossed for you Fran. 🙂

  6. closergms1968 says:

    Quite an artist in the making. Impressive, you must be so proud.
    Good to hear new stuff being thought about.
    Are you tempted to go deep this time like 12 memories.
    There’s a big stuggle going on in the UK and world at the moment.
    A lot of people are right on the edge, mentally and financially.
    Would be a massive gamble, following the success of Where You Stand.
    Could be fun though 🙂
    Good luck with the writing!

  7. yenny says:

    thank you for comming to Seoul again 🙂
    was my 4th Travis gig this time. everytime was the happiest moment.
    in my 20s you Francis’songs made me breath,smile. whenever feeling blue,whenevr happy- there was your songs walking with Added a soundtrack to my life,made it perfect.
    now i grew up i am 34 now. i am getting old. you are getting old ;p your kid is growing up. life is beautiful. thank you. just thank you so much for you make so many people’s life smile and hugging when their heart aches. now i lost something and feeling down but your gig made me have hope that i will make my life perfectly happy again. if i meet you somewhere on earth i want to hug you and tell you Thank you so much for making me live life beautiful.
    cheers. – Luv.from Seoul. xx

  8. franhealy says:

    Hey 7 Hrs, my god! You are there!! This is so lovely to hear from you after so long. Where have you been? You seemed to disappear all of a sudden. Are you still drawing? We are all well. We too had a 6th anniversary in our place here in Berlin on April 1st. Good date. Well done for getting your own space. It’s a big moment! I will pass on your best wishes to Nora and please don’t disappear again!

  9. Connie says:

    Hey Fran! I just wanted to thank you for coming to chile again, it was an amazing show. I wish you come back pretty soon. I’ve been your fan for 12 years, since I was 16. Your music has been part of the most important moments of my life.
    I had the chance to meet you last November (at the airport) and the 4 of you were really kind, please come back soon, and I hope to keep listening to new Travis’ albums and why not a Wreckorder part 2!
    Well, I think I’m the fan number 12239495959650 that writes something like this to you, mayble I’ll have no answer but it feels so good to know that you’re gonna read this!

    P.S. I’m kind of addicted to your song “in the morning”. Love the music and the lyrics.

    Love from Chile (a country of passionate fans hahaha)

  10. Mayflower says:

    Hi Fran!

    Wow, Clay’s drawings are really cute! He might be an artist one day! 🙂

    Being a Travis newbie I’ve never been to a gig, but here’s hoping one day I’ll be able to! For now, however, I’ll just be content with listening to the new album; it’s GREAT. I love how the melodies are richer than on previous ones.

    Will album 8 have a lot of piano? Um…do you think you could write some more varied drum lines for Neil? If he can handle them, that is. Hope he never breaks his neck again!

    Now, I’m not Scottish, just a Scots language enthusiast, but…dae you speak the Scots (Glesca patter)? Whit dae you think, is it a leid or byleid (language or dialect)? Could you maybe write a song in it? Please?

    July…you guys must be pretty busy then! Hope the songs come out better!

    Now, uh, I’m writing an alternate history 19th century story set in Glasgow where the main character attends a concert of a band that’s supposed to be like Travis…do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to reference you and not have your record labels suing me for the likeness of the song titles, for example? (I’m making it so the main character’s so enthralled with the singer that she thinks her dad resembles him…well, that’s how he popped up in my head, anyway.)

    Thanks! I hope Travis continues to make good music for a long long time.


  11. Aira says:

    Great to see you’ve come back to this blog. Hope you catch some melodies with that beard! How come you decided to let it grow? For sure you caught us off guard! I recall the day my dad decided to take off his mustache, I was 10 or so, I was all taken aback. Of course, I only had known him with mustache since I had memory, so I couldn’t picture him differently. But he seemed younger, like a kid. That hinted me for the first time my parents had been kids once too.

    Cheers from this crazy Mexico City that loves you so much.

  12. M. says:

    Hi, Fran! I don’t know if you were able to see my first comment; I posted something last week but it looks as though it didn’t go through. Anyway, I hope Album 8 turns out well – I’m a Travis newbie, and I’m really enjoying Where You Stand, its melodies are so catchy. Good luck with the songwriting! P.S. Clay’s drawings are cute. 🙂

  13. Ranajeet Soman says:

    So the blog is up and running again I see. You had replied here 4 years ago on my comment that you would try to come to India. You still haven’t. Well guess what. I made it to the concert in Philly on September 19th 2013. It was an item off my bucket list. To see Travis live. I remember you saying in an interview that Philadelphia is the worst place you’d performed in. I hope this concert changed your mind. I loved that you let the crowd sing the chorus for Closer. You did not play Colder though which let me a little bit disappointed. You guys look exactly the same in flesh as in your videos. I wish you’d played a longer set. Fulfilling experience.

  14. Shirlx says:

    Over the years iv grew to really love and understand your songs I suppose life’s teaching me that your songs have true meaning iv now introduced your music to my 17 year old son and my eight year old son and they love your music to my 8year old loved Coming around lol he loves the video to he thought it was fun I think I met you many years ago I think you were playing in Glasgow city centre I’m sure it was the day you were playing and your guitar got stole I met you in the street it’s quite a funny story :0 well anyway good luck with whatever you do I’m sure it will be another success and well done to your boy he is very talented

  15. M. says:

    Hi Fran, good luck on the next album!

  16. It is a weird feeling, starting a new batch of songs. Scary in a way! I’m never sure what’s going to come out, and its difficult to accept that sometimes songs really put a stamp on a period of your life. They also go out and represent you and your life, so i find it really hard not to stifle myself with that in mind. You seem t have mastered it, i’m surprised to read it’s the same effort each album even after a multitude of success & ventures under your belt. Love the blog Fran keep it coming, great insight into your world!


  17. franhealy says:

    Well Ranajeet, thanks for coming to see us. We had a great Well Ranajeet, thanks for coming to see us. We still want to come to India. I hope we do one day. Thanks for getting in touch again xfx

  18. Mayflower (M.) says:

    Hello Mods (or Fran),

    Could you please delete the message where I asked a bunch of questions, including things about the Scots language, tips on referencing a Travis-type song without getting sued, and Fran and co. using more piano on album 8? I had a change of mind upon seeing it in the comments. Could you erase this one too?

    Thank you!

  19. Sue says:

    For age 8 this is very good indeed! Re incarnation springs to mind !

  20. Angela says:

    Amazing! I wish I could draw like that. Pure talent. Greetings from Brazil, Fran!

  21. HK says:

    Hi Fran, I saw you guys at KKL. That was so great again, my 2nd time Travis gig(first was last year, Roundhouse in London). I’ve been listening your songs for long, and finally could be in Live last year, and this year again! (because my 3 children got a bit older now, I could leave them at home a while.) How great it is and how much happiness you are giving me! And at KKL, I could meet you after the gig, you gave me the holder. Thank you so much, Fran. Was amazing! Me and my husband met in Edinburgh, both love Scotland. Very special place for us, and Travis will be my most favorite band forever, for sure:-) To be in your gig in Scotland is my next dream now. Thanks for everything, good luck for the rest of the tour and have a nice time with your family when you are back home. See you again! HK

  22. Vivian Mclean says:

    I love you so much!!! God bless you and your family.
    You are an amazing person and singer… kisses in your heart

    With love: Vivian Mclean – Brazil

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