A Peaceful Noise- Shepherds Bush Empire

15 November 2016



A year ago I was in Los Angeles, editing our film. Someone popped their head around the door and said we should come out and watch the news as something bad was unfolding in a venue in Paris called Bataclan.  We’ve played the Bataclan. It’s a brilliant venue.

If you work in the touring business, you spend your days and nights in these buildings. Music venues are special places where we go to forget our shit for a few hours. A music venue is holier than a church. It’s kind of like church but just without all the god stuff. We hang our troubles in the cloakroom. We get lost. We get found. We drop our guards. There are no strangers in a gig. We’re all “in the band”

So what happened in Paris last year was all the more awful because of this.

On our turf. In our church.

So we’re here tonight in this special place to honor Nick the only way we know how.

Through live music.

No fear here.

Just love and Joy and all the other cool invisible stuff.


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