15 September 2011

This is only available to UK people. I can’t watch it in Berlin either… Bah!


Ahhhhhh… Facebook Account Is Gone

28 June 2011

It’s deleted… but it’s funny. It doesn’t seem to allow people to completely delete their account… Whatevahhhh!
Sad news. I didnt get the space I thought I would get… damn I know I shouldn’t have told that war joke at the viewing… only kidding… but seriously I will keep looking in ernest… what does that mean? In ernest… from my mac dictionary it comes from Germany and is related to honest and trustworthy… well that is how I will proceed. I know somewhere out there there is a room which is waiting for me to fill with songs and a fair bit of useless shit… my left nostril is blocked… Clay has a full cold. I think I’m due a cold. My mum touched down in Berlin today… rock’n’roll jetset nana. It is so cool to see Clay and her play and have fun… Yes mum… I just realised you will read this… it is nice though… I was thinking tonight I called you nana and how I loved my nana and now you are a nana… it’s nice to hear nana said again… and he loves you to the power of 100
Right… Sleep.


St Martins Lane Hotel Redemption

10 September 2010

So, if you read my blog earlier, you’d have learned I was forbidden entry to my hotel bar last night on account of my head gear. I got a call from the manager this afternoon who was as puzzled as I at this bizarre dress code. She told me she had spoken to the bar and from today onwards the no hat rule would be abolished. Hat wearers would now be free to come and go as they please. This was enough for me but she added that her staff had been brainstorming all day about how to say sorry. Afew minutes later there was a knock at my door. Two of the girls from downstairs were standing, both in hats, holding a hat containing folded up strips of paper. Each piece of paper contained a forfeit. I had to choose one. So I picked one and then another because I wanted to know what the others said…then I asked if I could see them all. I was disappointed “Death By Firing Squad” was not listed. Nevertheless I asked that they leave the different options with me and I would let them know.

So I thought maybe y’all could take a look and help me decide.


Busking For £1,500,000

10 September 2010

Just got back from my Deutschebank Busk.  I played for 35 minutes and managed to build quite a crowd as well as folks on passing busses. Thanks to Deutsche Bank security for allowing us to do this. Hopefully the staff who saw me perform, will pass the word to the their co workers and they’ll vote for Warchild as Charity of the Year.



10 September 2010

At 12 pm TODAY you will find me outside DeutscheBank in London, busking on behalf of Warchild, the charity that helps kids caught in the middle of conflict all over the world. They do a great job so it’s an honour to be asked to help them. The reason for the busk? Well they have been shortlisted with 7 others as charity of the year by DeutscheBank. 3 charities will walk away with £1.5million. So you you say that I’m busking for 1 and a half million. No pressure…

DeutscheBank, 1 Great Winchester Street, London Wall, London EC2N 2DB



Hello From Heathrow

26 August 2010

Hello people of 58 countries (according to my web stats) Today is supercool giveaway day. If you look over to the right, there is a lil widget which, when clicked, will give you the Track HOLIDAY absolutely FREEEEEE… This is the song that started the whole solo idea. Andy Dunlop plays on it… That’ll be those beautiful arpeggio guitar lines you hear in the background. Prolly the most Travissy out of all the songs because of this… so enjoy. Here is a picture of me in the fantastic T5 Executive CLub Lounge … Posh! Also E.T. came to say hello while I was sitting here…


Forbidden donut

21 August 2010

Portland… I’ve come to the end of this first tour and conveniently to the end of my detox. After the show I met everyone and someone told me to head for Voodoo Doughnut to break my carb and toxin fast. Naturally we sped across town and soon after, I was standing in the voodoo queue. I bought 4 donuts. Mr Chocolate Cream, Mr Regular and 2 Mr Crushed Oreo and Peanut Butter. My tour manager would have to eat one too. I took them back to my room. I had a phone interview with a nice Japanese lady about the album on the ride home and while chatting, lay them out on the table.
Here’s the twist. After looking at them for 5 minutes, and thinking how amazing I was feeling, having not eaten anything carby or junky, no processed sugar etc, I actually couldn’t bring myself to eat them!!! The thought was there but the action wasn’t… So here is a picture of them… I gonna leave them for the cleaner. Man, I feel weird just sitting in this room staring at 3 forbidden donuts and eating an avocado instead…



20 August 2010

Left Seattle 24 hours ago. Flew to New York arriving at 3.20pm. Met the video director at our place at 5. Then bought a shirt. Then got my hair cut. Then bought some raw vegetables from WholeFoods. Then met director and bought some flowers. Then met the film Crew and then the hands of the clock began to move faster and faster and before I knew it, 9 hours had passed and I was in a taxi heading back to Newark where I’m now sitting writing this. Oh my plane is boarding. See you in Portland. xfx


Justin Bieber Slowed Down 800%

17 August 2010


Vangelis meets Sigur Ros in the Sistine Chapel

J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis


Past Couple of Days In Pictures

15 August 2010