12 August 2010

Was fun tonight. The boys invited me up to perform Side. I rapped “The Message” in the middle. It’s Clay’s favourite song. Was funny. I think alot of folks thought it was serious… hahaa… It was.

Man that was a quick stint. It feels like the tour only started yesterday…  I didn’t get a chance to make any videos… The past 3 weeks have been jampacked with prep work for Wreckorder  OUT ON OCTOBER 5th 2010 🙂

The tour was so much fun. Keane are a great bunch of people. That extends to their crew who were all so welcoming. And Colin their tour manager even had a lovely nickname for me. FBF. Franny Boz Forever.

So I’m lying on my hotel bed now. We are leaving the hotel at 4 am!!! It’s a long drive tomorrow. Looking forward to Winnipeg. See you there…


From The Grave

3 August 2010

I rode my bike across Berlin last year to drop off a guitar pedal I’d borrowed. It was a fine day. On my way home I took afew detours, investigating the neighbourhood, going up streets I’d never been and ended on Prenzlaur Allee heading home. I passed a wall with a wrought iron gate, behind which a secluded park hid from view. I doubled back and rode through the entrance. A dirt path led me into a cemetery all under cover of huge oak trees. I took a right turn on the path and went along a bit but it came to a dead end all taped off for rebuilding work or gardening work so I turned around and took a left, heading towards where I thought the parallel exit would be. On my way down the voice in my head said STOP. So I stopped. I turned around and behind me, nestled between angel statues, stone crosses and trees was a big tomb. I was drawn to it so I backed up until I was level with the rusty gate at it’s threshold and peered in. It took a second to adjust to the light. There was a simple engraving on the far wall with a mans name and years alive. 1812-1889 or something like that… I can’t remember exactly, nor his name but I wrote it down in my phone and after a minute of silence, I pushed off and down the dirt path to the exit.

I remembered later I’d written his name down so I put it into google and it came up straight away. He’d been a big name in the lives of the blind, setting up a school I think, or a hospital but it was the first of it’s kind and his story told of tireless efforts. Then I noticed the day he was born. The day I stopped at his tomb, this day I was checking him out was his birthday. I thought it strange, how random my journey home had been, and to feel the urge to stop and then to listen to that voice and then to stop and go look and then write his name down.

Anyways that popped into my head just now. I thought I’d tell it. I will try and get his name again…



30 July 2010

Just played a mini festival in Toronto. Was super cool.  I went walkabout earlier backstage looking for the Keane boys and found their dressing room  but they weren’t there so walked into another one as the swedish singer Robyn approached from the opposite direction, on the phone and looking at me funny. In the room there was a big set of make up laying on the table and as I stood trying to figure who in Keane wears make up I had a revelation. It was Robyn’s dressing room and she was walking past me still on the phone. I gestured “s-o-r-r-y” and got out fast. She was tiny. I like the Swedes. I miss Claes. Boo hooooo!!! Claes Claes Claes.. Where are youuuuu???

Tomorrow we are driving to Montreal. Home of Arcade Fire. They are headlining the festival we’re playing. Also on the bill are BEACH HOUSE. I’m super super excited. Can’t wait to hear that voice dissolve in the open air. I’ve got to calm down… Deep breaths hhhhuuuuuuhhhhh…


Inception, Beard Upkeep, Detoxification

25 July 2010

Went to see Inception today. It was good but I couldn’t get into it fully without knowing how the machine worked. There was some sort of wire that they seemed to tie around their wrist which allowed them to enter into the dreams of themselves and others. And how did the architect build the worlds? And what was to stop them going deeper than the basement. And when the guy is in the van and people are shooting through the windows nobody gets shot. Once in the bottom world why couldn’t they go to a 4th or a 5th level. I was left with alot of loose ends as I walked into the oven of Las Vegas Town Square. Can anyone shed any light on this?
I wanna see Toy Story now.
Also bought a new shaver. I asked the audience last night where I could buy one. I think they thought I was joking. Anyways the shaver is really good. As well as the shaver, I bought Saving Silverman, a USB hub and a pad of lined paper.
Las Vegas was 114 degrees today. That is the hottest weather I think I have eve been in. Maybe Africa was hotter… not sure but how can people stand that temperature? It’s so extreme.
I need to eat more junk food. I am about to do a 21 day detox and fancy a grilled cheese and a coke before I go all healthy. It’s called The Clean Program. I have never done anything like this before. It seems to be quite involved. The package arrived in LA. It was big with a sticker on the top that said keep refrigerated. That is going to be difficult to do. The package has powder that you make shakes with. You take a shake in the morning and again in the evening and have a lunch. I’ll keep you posted. I wonder if I need some kind of blender… my mum had a small one that was easy to carry around… Anyways… Grilled cheese?

EXTRA. I just realised The Dark Knight was directed by the same guy. That left me feeling robbed. I felt the same with Inception although the performances pull Inception out of total robbery.  I read a review of Inception which said when the lights come up you’ll be sitting in your chair staring at the screen, confused. But this is where the film is clever. I think it’s confusing because it’s concepts aren’t fully developed. The confusion one feels is due not to the skill of the writer or the director but to the fact that the idea they want to put forward is impossible to squeeze into such a short format so your left with more of a sketch book. This is how I felt with the dark knight. The individual scenes are breathtaking but there are many holes.



9 May 2010

Sorry for lack of blog. Been being papa and husband and neighbour while managers deal with deals and I begin to plan the next while. Things of note which have happened.

1. The Boys Next Door ( the band made up of the boys next door- yes, they are literally the boys next door) did a gig for the amazing director Wolfgang Becker at his Dancing Into May party. He heard they were good and booked them. The show was superb. Everyone loved them. And they got their first pay cheque.

2. I went to the Berlin Philharmonie to see Motzart and Stravinski  a week ago. Was pretty good. They had a female conductor. Apparently there aren’t many.  The first violinist broke a string, handed the instrument to the player beside him, presumably the second violin, and then the guy behind her pulled some strings out and handed her a shiny new one which she promptly attatched and tuned, then handed the instrument back to the first violinist just in time for his bit. Who said classical music was boring? Not I!!!

3. Clay’s birthday was fantastic. He is now 4! Lots of cake, tons of presents. Playmobil was the order of the day. We danced to Michael Jackson and ate home made pizza.

4. Went to see Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings. They were very good. Very tight. Reminded me of the jazz/funk scene at the Glasgow Art School when I was there. James Taylor Quartet were doing Starski and Hutch and we were trying to understand the finer aspects of Blue Note.

5. I learned a song from w r e c o r d e r on piano. Oooooooohh! (lifts hands under chin)

6. Arranged my first support slot as a solo person. It will be me by myself for these shows. (Announcements to follow soon)

7. Cut the vinyl master of w r e c k o r d e r (corrected—must have missed the k). It sounds amazing.


Roger Ballen

1 April 2010

Roger Ballen: Lens Culture Conversations with Photographers from Jim Casper on Vimeo.


Great American Photographer

28 March 2010

William Eggleston


Bush At It Again

24 March 2010

Watch George wipe his hand on Bill Clintons shirt after shaken hands with a local hatian.


Congrats America (Clean Version)

22 March 2010

I’m impressed with the result of yesterdays healthcare vote. It was hard. Insurance companies are evil and the way the republican party dealt with it all was very disturbing. They pray upon peoples worst fears. It’s shameful.

Congratulations AMERICA. Yet another historic step.


Is It Spring Yet

11 March 2010

The long cold Berlin winter is almost over. The clouds are shaking off their last snow. It’s still cold though. Seems to have remained below zero for 3 months. I was told the Berlin winter was tough and thought yeahhh but god, it really has been relentless. I grew tired of looking like an arctic explorer and went back to normal clothing but it’s a big sacrifice.

Wreckorder (revised) is about to be cut. This is the final cut. I promise. Then it’s handed to organised people to get it ready for release. Not sure when this will be. It is so much tighter now than it was. The two songs I took off just didn’t fit. They will make cool b sides or something… can we say b sides anymore… sounds odd… Anyways it’s all done.