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20 February 2010


Left Brain Right Brain

20 February 2010


Old Colour Pics Of London

3 February 2010

I stumbled on these pictures. So strange to see London in colour in 1940.

Picadilly Circus

Lots of free parking spaces



21 January 2010

Dear all, a friend of mine is flying out to Haiti as a volunteer to help with the clean up. Like a lot of people she is not part of any charity. She just wants to help. ┬áShe is a pillar of the community type of person. Anyways I wouldn’t normally do this but she asked if I would put this up on my blog. I have donated some money to her paypal and will put it here incase anyone wishes to donate. Unlike charities, 100% of donations will go to buy urgently needed supplies for people out there. If you wish to donate go to and the account is




18 January 2010

Brit award nomination for Travis.

For the best record of the past 30 years…

surely Brothers In Arms…


Big Shot

13 January 2010

Someone commented the picture of Tom from Noah And The Whale looked like a 70’s or 80’s school photo. That’s because it was taken with a Polaroid camera called a Big Shot. The Big Shot is quite famous for having been used by Andy Warhol as the basis for many of his large screen prints.

Debbie Harry By Warhol on Big Shot

Jean-Michel Basquiat by Warhol and Bigshot

News, afew years ago, that Polaroid film was about to be discontinued created huge ripples in the photography community. Polaroid film would disappear forever. Nora has been collecting as much polaroid film as possible in the meantime. Also trying to buy up old magicubes (the cube flashes from early cameras). There are many types of polaroid. Not just the normal one with the thick white border at the bottom. The Bigshot uses a certain type called 669. It’s is almost impossible to buy this film now. The polaroid factory closed its doors in June 2008.

As a result polaroid cameras flooded onto ebay. You can buy them for a dollar. Nora has bought quite afew so far. They all take different pitures. Some use super rare polaroid film, some just the regular.

It seems, though, Nora was not alone in her sadness at the loss of this classsic medium. A man from Holland felt so strongly, he set about starting the brand up again, buying the factory, finding the techniques, the recipes and bringing the polaroid back from the dead. Everyone thought he was mental to undertake such a task. With this in mind he called his quest The Impossible Project.



11 January 2010

Nora gave me this poster some years ago.

The earlier versions are on Yoko Ono’s site.

You can see all the languages here.


Wenn Du Es Willst

11 January 2010


If You Want It

11 January 2010


English in Berlin

8 January 2010

Sometimes only the queens will do…