Wreckorder Session Equipment

29 December 2009

Emery and I had fun recording Wreckorder. This is the desk I used.

It’s called a Neve BCM 10. What makes this desk so good is the EQ section. They are called 1073’s and are the holy grail of  EQ’s. Of course there are some great EQ’s out there that aren’t 1073’s but these have a character all of their own. You can record with the shittiest mic and put it through this and it sound like Trevor Horn. These little desks were designed by Rupert Neve to be used in broadcast studios. There are 10 channels and each channel has two inputs, meaning that 2 microphones can be inserted into each. This was for the broadcast world when they would have the length of a song to set up for there next session. What made this special was that they would be able to have 2 rooms micd up at the same time, one waiting for the other to finish. All the engineer would have to do is flick each channel to the second mic and that would be that. For me it meant I could put 10 mic inputs upstairs and keep 10 downstairs. I had the help of a lovely man called Blake, to make a patch bay and install the desk… It took 5 men to carry just the empty body down to the basement… the thing weighs a ton.

I also used some amazing microphones.

The Neumann U67. This is probably my favourite. It’s the first proper mic I bought. We an A-B test with a £12000 mic and this one sounded better. We used this on electric guitar and vocals and drums and shaker and piano and and…

The Sony C37a was used for vocals.

This is called the RFT “Pop Flascher” because it looks like a soft drink bottle. Used on Vocals, Acoustic guitar and Kick Drum.

This is a copy of the classic Neumann M49 microphone. Used on vocals and acoustic guitar and piano

Here is a Neumann UM57. Used on drums…

This is an AKG c28c We used this mic to record Toms violin and acoustic guitar.

A pair of AKG c12a’s were used early on for drums but I had to send them away to get repaired.

They are still being repaired…