12 August 2010

Was fun tonight. The boys invited me up to perform Side. I rapped “The Message” in the middle. It’s Clay’s favourite song. Was funny. I think alot of folks thought it was serious… hahaa… It was.

Man that was a quick stint. It feels like the tour only started yesterday…  I didn’t get a chance to make any videos… The past 3 weeks have been jampacked with prep work for Wreckorder  OUT ON OCTOBER 5th 2010 🙂

The tour was so much fun. Keane are a great bunch of people. That extends to their crew who were all so welcoming. And Colin their tour manager even had a lovely nickname for me. FBF. Franny Boz Forever.

So I’m lying on my hotel bed now. We are leaving the hotel at 4 am!!! It’s a long drive tomorrow. Looking forward to Winnipeg. See you there…


Beach House

1 August 2010

I met Beach House today.  I got to stand on stage and listen to them do their thing for 3 songs. I left as they played Norway. When you discover a band who illuminate your path for a moment,  it’s like discovering a new element. It happens less and less the older I get and so it’s even more precious.



21 April 2010

Nora and  i went to see Wild Beasts last night at the Lido club on Cuvry Strasse. Andy and I played here 2 years ago for the 25th anniversary of Mr Dead and Mrs Free (Berlins best vinyl store). It’s a great venue. An old cinema I think… The band were on fire. The sound was incredible. It was their last show of the Two Dancers tour. The crowd loved it and made them do 2 encores. After buying teeshirts and vinyl we went back to say hello. They were sweet people. They had the glow only a band who had played their last show of the album could have. It’s a nice feeling. I asked them about this record and their history. Hayden (main singer) and the Drummer Chris have known each other since primary school. They made this current record with nearly zero funds and wrote and recorded it to tape in 6 weeks. Impressive. And having stood on the edge of the precipice following the luke warm sales and reaction to their debut record, were now at a point where they could feel the weather had changed for them. Ahhh so great. After a beer we left. If you don’t have their album. you need to
buy it


Wild Beasts - Two Dancers (Bonus Track Version)


Peter Serafinowicz Does Hot Chip

19 March 2010




Follow Peter here

Buy Hot Chip here



19 March 2010

Alex Chilton

December 28, 1950- March 18, 2010


Kidnapped By The Sun In A Time Of Production

18 February 2010

It’s a beautiful sunny day today in Berlin. I have been writing and writing and writing. It’s been good. The strike rate has always been 20 flat songs and 1 that stands up by itself. These songs come from a different place in the brain than the others. I’m not familiar with right left brain responsibilities but I think the reason it is hard to write a good song maybe relates to it coming from an unconscious area of the brain so there is no way of repeating it because it’s unmapped, unknown. Like being blindfolded and taken in a car somewhere and then blindfolded on your return, you would never know how to get there again. A song from here is a postcard which ignites upon consumption this area of the brain.
When I hear something which comes from this unmapped place, I get a little jolt and for a moment I am transported there. This feeling is addictive. It is escape.
Anyways I got one of these the other night. It is nice to know if I empty my head enough, I am still light enough to float off to that cool secret place.

On another note, I was driving the other day and I heard a familiar voice singing on the radio. It took a while to figure out who it was because the lyrics and his voice were beautifully juxtaposed and later it all made sense when the announcer said it was a cover. The song is by Magnatic Fields and the singer is Peter Gabriel. Still one of the best voices Britain has produced. The song is called The Book Of Love. I’ll take it down if it’s naughty to have it here.

It comes from his new album of cover versions buy it


Peter Gabriel - The Book of Love / Not One of Us - Single

and buy the Magnetic Fields original


The Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs - The Book of Love


Oceanway Los Angeles

7 February 2010

Here is MJ recording vocals for We Are The World in studio b at Oceanway where we recorded The Invisible Band. A great room.


Nirvanas Version Of Meat Puppets “Plateau”

3 February 2010

Meat Puppets join Nirvana for this


Meat Puppets

30 January 2010

Have been listening to this record alot.

Click on the cover to hear a song

If you likey


Meat Puppets - Meat Puppets II


Bill Wyman

26 January 2010

Spent the evening in the company of Bill Wyman and his rhythm kings.

It was great. Bill looks like he does nothing, but his thumb is like the tasmanian devil. Just the thumb, mind. Georgie Fame was on Hammond and Albert Lee was amazing on lead guitar. The horns were incredible too.  Bills generation of musicians were real masters of their craft. They came from the cover generation, always playing the hits of the day. They can play anything. There seemed to be alot more collaboration back then. Players would get up and play with their contemporaries and really try and rock them off the stage. My generation is slave to the click track, slave to the loop. Music has to evolve, sure, but I still feel some of the best record were captured when 4 people stood in a room and “clicked”. But that is all in the past. Lets look to the future. Lets look to solitary people in rooms making records by themselves… ummm… I’ll get my coat.

On reflection, i was thinking that fine art has moved the same way. Like musicianship, draughtsmanship is no longer a major requirement for modern art. It’s more  about ideas than eye hand co-ordination. But like musicianship, draughtsmanship carries on. It’s just no longer at the coalface. Not to say that there is no room for great musicanship or draughtsmanship at the coalface, but they are more like tools now than the thing itself. Maybe it’s about tools.

On even more reflection I may have intimated that collaboration is dead… that’s not what I meant. I meant people still collaborate but 4 people playing in a room is quite rare. Travis still record like this, I feel it’s still the one of the easiest ways to get something cool. When we recorded Lovley Rita for that Radio 2 Beatles Documentary, Geoff Emerick told us he was shocked at how many of the bands couldn’t play together. Also, although that stuff I wrote about truth is right, I have deleted it just because it’s not relevant to the subject. Ahem…