23 September 2010


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A Peaceful Noise- Shepherds Bush Empire

15 November 2016



A year ago I was in Los Angeles, editing our film. Someone popped their head around the door and said we should come out and watch the news as something bad was unfolding in a venue in Paris called Bataclan.  We’ve played the Bataclan. It’s a brilliant venue.

If you work in the touring business, you spend your days and nights in these buildings. Music venues are special places where we go to forget our shit for a few hours. A music venue is holier than a church. It’s kind of like church but just without all the god stuff. We hang our troubles in the cloakroom. We get lost. We get found. We drop our guards. There are no strangers in a gig. We’re all “in the band”

So what happened in Paris last year was all the more awful because of this.

On our turf. In our church.

So we’re here tonight in this special place to honor Nick the only way we know how.

Through live music.

No fear here.

Just love and Joy and all the other cool invisible stuff.


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20 February 2016

I read this comment in an article about Steve Martin’s brief return to standup supporting Jerry Seinfeld at The Beacon in New York.
“It was January, 1977. I was in grad school. First time away from home. Struggling academically, lonely and depressed. Went to see Steve Martin perform at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. He put on an amazing show. The crowd kept demanding encores. He’d leave, the lights would go out for a few minutes and then he’d show up somewhere in the middle of the audience and do another encore. This happened 5 or six times and then all the house lights went on and it was clear he wasn’t coming back out. We left the auditorium and there he was standing in the middle of the quad performing in for a crowd of about a hundred people. By this time it was midnight and about 5 degrees fahrenheit and he was just wearing his iconic white suit. I joined the audience. He would perform for a few minutes and then jog to another corner of the quad followed by the crowd and then start his performance again. This went on for about a half hour. It was the most amazing, fun performance I have ever witnessed and it really cheered me up at a time when I badly needed it. I’ll never forget it”


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Peaches and Gladly

7 April 2014

This news shook me. To lose your kid so young and for her kids to lose their mum so young and for the kids dad to lose his wife and reading about Paula Yates again and the loss her kids must have felt when she died… god!!

Later today I found out on twitter an old time Travis boardie, Gladlythecrosseyedbear collapsed and died at work today. He was 42 I think. Damn shame. Prayers in your direction Gladly.





1 April 2014

I was in Tokyo last night. I am home now. Awake. It’s nice to be back. Berlin is still tonight/this morning. No wind. No noise. Just the ringing in my ears from our shows in Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo which were fab. Now it’s time to write. We have given ourselves a deadline of July. Work has already started. Trying to find first gear was hard. Always. Just before we left last week I found it. Finding first gear is always awful. It’s not so nice when all the melodies that come out are shit but it’s the only way. Sit down and do it. Or not do it. Read something. Watch a movie. Look out of the window. Listen to the radio. My new room is cool. I moved in at the end of January. I have my piano finally (it was at Nigel’s studio since we came to Berlin) and a place I can make noise without being heard. At least I think I can’t be heard. We went to LA just after this so I didn’t get a good run at it. Then there were afew other distractions. Then Clay turned 8. Was a cool birthday. Our lovely boy. His drawings are brilliant. Look!


photo 5

photo 3 (1)

photo 3 (2)

photo 5 (1)


He has a really sure line. No rulers! Anyways… it’s amazing to see his abilities emerge. Parenthood is a cool trip!



Wish me luck in my room. I will write here from time to time.





29 March 2014


We arrived in Tokyo by Bullet Train yesterday. Claes and I made a pilgrimage to the famous Five G Synth Store in Harajuku. I wanted to buy something but the guy there was not so helpful. Maybe it was the beard… In any case we wandered around, stopping off at Kiddy Lando before hailing a Tokyo Cab back to the hotel.
Tokyo is a powerhaus of a city. We have been coming here for many years now… Our first trip over here was I think in 2000… It was pre 911 definitely. God 911 was such a huge pivotal global moment… I just watched a film called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close which centres on a young boy’s journey to come to terms with the loss of his dad who died in one of the buildings. Travis played in NY a couple of months later. It was a night I will never forget and still to this day, people I meet who attended that show talk of it not like you talk about most shows… Radio City that night was full of New Yorkers who hadn’t been out since it happened, and for me, the feeling was unlike anything I ever felt or have felt since. Being the singer, alot of the focus is on you, so you generally get quite a rush when doing shows from all of the happiness pointing at you but that night I felt this massive, glacial, invisible release of sadness from the room mixed in with this positive thing music and singing does and it was such a mindbending experience for everyone there. The city felt like a gigantic PAUSE button had been pressed. It took ages for this to pass.
Anyways I digress. God I haven’t slept since 1am. Jet lag has whacked me once again. I will try an hour before we leave for the show.



3 March 2013



27 July 2012

I was on the plane today, heading for Oslo and a weekend of festivals, the first one called Trollrock and the second Sommerfesten which I attended last year. I can’t fathom how quickly time has moved. It’s been a whole year since we hung out on Giske and had fun with all of our great friends. This time though the trip is not a solo affair. This year the rest of the band are here too. We just spent a week in New York in a room bashing song ideas into shape. I think we have a record. Some lyrics need completing and a few middle 8’s but it’s pretty much there so it’s good to be coming here so soon after.


We all met at Oslo airport and got in a little transit van driving for 3 or so hours through some beautiful scenery, sun setting slowly over mountains, reflecting on fjord. I listened to Scott Walker – Scott 2 and reviewed the new Travis songs recorded on a single mic in the room we were in. They sound great. Dougie has written a couple of gems and Andy too. We are planning to return to Giske in October to record the as yet untitled 7th album. More about that later.


The Kids Are Alright

2 June 2012

I’m playing a show for Clay’s school on the 10th of June. Click the poster to buy tickets and support an uber Schüüülahhh



12 February 2012

Just spent the past week at the bottom of England at the studio of one Tim Rice Oxley of a band called Keane. It was a heady week. Much music played. Much wine drunk. We even sojourned to the infamous Beachy Head where many people take there own lives each year. While there we noticed some mobile clergy in a cool marked for business priest auto. They patrol the area looking for potential suiciders. Lots of little memorials there right at the edge of the country. Here is a pic of us in a classic band pose. That’s the thing with bands. If you are in one long enough, you naturally compose yourself so even casual shots look like Anton Corbijn himself has shot them…




26 December 2011